Claire Reneé is a classically trained dancer who sings from the soul. Singing a combination of R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Pop while being heavily influenced by Hip Hop, this singer/songwriter’s raspy yet graceful vocals, along with her unique harmonies, always provide an incredible vibe and sound.

This multi-talented artist has quite a unique background. Claire began dancing at the early age of 4 and trained at highly esteemed dance schools such as The Dance Theater of Harlem and Alvin Ailey. Claire is also a dedicated songwriter, influenced by a broad scope of music genres. Her natural ear for music and performance led her to study at Berklee College of Music and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.     

Claire released an LP – Let Me Glo – in July of 2018 exclusively in Japan with record label Sweet Soul Records featuring singles like Easy Come, Easy Go (Nights with You), and LOL. In 2018 she released a fun EP titled “SHE” for her SoundCloud fans celebrating womanhood and the female’s beauty and grace. In February 2019, Claire shined on a project titled “Portraits of Love” with producer and friend eu-IV under the duo name CIVBOOM. 

When speaking about her latest EP “If I” produced by TEK.LUN, Claire says, “The title “If I” stands for I Feel Invisible. I share what it feels like to disappear from people’s eyes and minds once you cease being a source of energy for which they can rely upon. Major and minor actions by others can invalidate or diminish our emotions. I encourage myself and others to be grateful for those who love who you are and not just what you give”

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